Gil Much

Gil Much Artist Statement: I continually return to the same themes I was dealing with when I first started painting and often the same paintings; usually building up, sometimes scraping off the surface, sometimes in one session, more frequently though returning again and again until it feels complete. Always questioning what I am trying to do or say, taking into account other artists both past and present but attempting at the same time to establish my own voice.

To me its all about finding a balance, with in the work   ..dark / light,  thick / thin,  large / small and so on….learning a language, developing, until you have the means at your disposal to confidently express yourself and ideas.


Kensington & Chelsea –         Prof. Development for Artists        1998/9

London College of Printing    Printmaking                                    1997/8/9

Camberwell School of Art      BA hons Fine Art                            1984/7

Lowestoft College of Art        Foundation                                      1983/4

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