Mary Mellor

Mary Mellor’s painted reliefs glow with colour. Densely and smoothly applied mauves, soft pinks and clear pale blues lull the eye and seem to offer solace. But then you notice the underlying geometry of meticulously cut forms, often jagged triangles or slashing diagonals, overlaid again by rectilinear structures and occasional enigmatic discs. Sometimes a couple of tiny figures stand above a giddy drop, engaged in amiable discourse. From a lofty horizontal a jaunty climber flourishes his hat. Elsewhere a single woman considers her peaceful destiny. No one is going to jump, no one will fall. The energy is all in the tightly controlled composition, most dazzlingly apparent in the lightning strike of violent reds and yellows which cross the largest work ‘Light Gleams an Instant….’  Nothing is as it seems.

Elspeth Barker

Open Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm