Nicola Slattery


Imagination is the source for all Nicola Slattery’s work. As a painter and printmaker she portrays images of people and places created in her mind. These are offered to the viewer to add whatever meaning they in turn imagine.

Living surrounded by the Norfolk countryside, the daily images of open skies, trees, ponds, sheep, birds and wildlife clearly penetrate her consciousness and resurface in her work.

In March 2014 Nicola Slattery was awarded the “Alfred Daniels’ Award” for a narrative work exhibited at the annual Royal Society of British Artists exhibition. In April she has her second solo exhibition at Mandell’s Gallery on Elm Hill Norwich. With around thirty paintings and dry point etchings the exhibition offers much to feed the imagination.

Nicola Slattery Artist Statement:
The subject is almost exclusively figurative and sometimes inspired by fiction or myth and frequently by events or emotions experienced or imagined. I am told that there is a hard to define but universally recognised element within each image that draws the viewer back to look again and again and I hope that this is true. In a world obsessed with analysis and interpretation, especially in relation to art, I do not want to be drawn into providing ready made answers to any questions that my work provokes. I am clear that realism is not what it is about. I simply want to create images which lend serenity and thoughtfulness and which allow any meaning to emerge for the viewer themselves. This meaning will vary from person to person and even from day to day for the same person as their moods change.

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