Will Teather

Join us at the launch for the Will Teather art book at Mandells Gallery, Elm Hill. The launch is from 5.30-7.30pm, this Friday.  Please come along and have a glass of wine, see the book, say hello and enjoy some art.

With over 100 images and written contributions by the critic Ian Collins, Professor Neil Powell and Professor Suzie Hanna and an interview with the artist conducted by Egham Museum.

Desolation Angels: Recent Works by Will Teather

13th – 25th April 2015.

A collection of recent paintings and drawings, including some unseen studies towards an exhibition at Underdog Art London.  Under the umbrella title “Desolation Angels,” these affordably priced drawings explore the quasi-religious celebration of consumer excess within popular culture, such as junk food, sex, technology and weaponry.

Work from other ongoing projects by the artist will also be on display.

Will Teather is well-known for creating artworks that combine an unusual imagination with a mastery of traditional skills. The artist’s paintings often depict curious characters caught up in extraordinary situations.


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