Steven Taylor

Born in London in 1956, award winning photographer Steven Taylor hit upon his vocation at the age of ten when he found a camera at a local landfill site.

Self-taught as a photographer, Taylor first studied horticulture and started his own business as  a landscape gardener while at the same time experimenting with macro photography and the creation of plant images.

In 1994 the receipt of a major photographic competition resulted in a career change and soon he was working full-time as a commercial photographer for one of the biggest agents in London.

He gave up commercial work in 2005 to concentrate on fine art photography. His preference is to employ traditional methods, using ultra-large format cameras with film and hand made papers. Most recently he acquired and restored a camera built over 100 years ago and began to work with processes developed in the mid 1800s. “After working for the last 10 years in the digital medium I started to feel detached from the process of making a photograph”. Being more hands on, Taylor now feels totally involved in the art of image-making, working for hours painstakingly fine-tuning the final print in his bespoke darkroom at home.

Taylor continues to work both in his darkroom at home and in a custom built, mobile darkroom which also serves as a platform from which to traverse the landscape here in the UK and abroad.

Photographs are limited editions of 10 which are each signed and embossed.

Open Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm