Bob Catchpole

Bob Catchpole Artist Statment:

I use the agricultural tool as a metaphor for man’s relationship with landscape, attempting to explore the historic and contemporary link between the land and the built environment, particularly the relationship between the Norfolk landscape and its churches.

In Norfolk, a great deal of the huge wealth that came from working the land in the Middle Ages was committed to the building of churches: these churches are therefore an integral part of the landscape. The masons who built the churches lived with and worked alongside the labourers in the fields for extended periods of time and were at one with them. My sculpture attempts to use agricultural tools to reconstruct the relationship between the landscape and the churches of Norfolk.

Whilst also celebrating the rich variety and sophistication of the tools needed to work the land, the sculptures undermine our preconceptions about the nature of function and the man-made world we inhabit. The tools become the built fabric of the churches themselves.

Open Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm