Bruce Gernand

Bruce Gernand exhibits work from a selection from nearly two decades. For some years his work has negotiated and searched for a relation between the digital and material. Using 3D computer modeling and transferring this data into material form has been a challenge rife with welcome conundrums and paradoxes.

During his time as a Senior Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins Bruce undertook an AHRC funded project, Coded Chimera (2011), which explored the transformation grids of D’Arcy Thompson in collaboration with the Natural History Museum and the Computer Lab at Cambridge University. The convergence of zoological form and computational strategies was guided by a rather un-scientific and poetic concept: the chimera, a composite which makes a link with a long tradition in art where unfamiliar conjunctions act as repositories of our own imaginative projections.

Bruce continues to use digital modeling in a more marginal way, pursuing animal form to express our current symbolic connection to this subject matter, returning to traditional sculptural approaches: the susceptibility of process to deformation; the play between interior and outer surface, between the animate and the static.

Bruce Gernand will be exhibiting with Bruer Tidman from 8 – 28 November 2015

Open Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm