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Garry Raymond-Pereira / 24 May — 15 Jun

10.00am - 5.00pm


Garry Raymond-Pereira is a Norfolk artist known for his mesmerising seascapes. Garry has experienced international success and his work is regularly exhibited around the world.

He moved from London to Norwich to study an MA at Norwich School of Art and design he was inspired by the landscape and enjoyed painting it which encouraged him to stay.

His paintings begin with the location which is very important to him and he feels a ‘calling’ to the location and a need to paint it. Garry is particularly inspired by the crashing waves of the  Norfolk coastline or in bleak mountainous areas of Scotland, Wales or out of season Lake District.

Garry Says “The planning, sketching and research of the subject is important. Once the research, drawing and title are all in place, the painting process ‘happens’.”

This exhibition will feature recent paintings of land and seascapes and mixture of sizes from large canvases to the well-known miniatures. The exhibition will also feature Garry’s studio paintings as well as his much more expressive location paintings.

Garry Raymond-Pereira paintings are full of atmosphere, powerful and often moody. With a closer look, they are thought-provoking and contemplative.

Painting really matters to me, it always has. For me, almost a ‘calling’, it is an area that seems to accept me, unlike most others.
Garry Raymond-Pereira