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Malca Schotten 05 Sep — 26 Sep / 10.00am 5.00pm


We are very excited to welcome back Malca Schotten for 3rd solo exhibition at Mandell’s Gallery of recent works.

“My work is about life, labour and documentation. My drawings are carefully crafted yet raw and expressive, emerging from a primal response to the subject, using my visual and emotional memory to develop the work. I am committed to a journey of exploring the subject matter, and to my mastery of drawing.

I am inspired by the every day, by stories of people and what they do, social and public issues, their heritage and cultural identity, the way they live, the elements – a natural and social commentary. This way of working means getting very close to the subject matter, living with it, talking with it, touching it. For me drawing is an endlessly challenging and compulsive practice, as each subject demands a new approach and reassessment of previous working methods. It is a critical means of communication for me, a visual language which enables me to comment on the world and what I find interesting about it.”

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