Douglas Farthing

Painting is an expression of space time experience and the feeling. Layered with narrative worked and reworked finished when the means employed have disappeared in the end attained.

I enjoy the rhythm of the picture, balance of plan patterns or design. The subject not so important only expressed.

The three smaller paintings Tea with friends and evening prayer depict my time working on the North West Frontier in Pakistan. The builders in the Painting eating lunch, taking time and sharing food and tea with each other and the call of evening prayer. They made the stretchers these canvas are mounted on.

The larger painting Shoreditch London depicts my experience whilst on the drawing year at the Royal drawing school. I would often draw before and after the tutored drawing sessions, this image worked from drawing and memory convey a sense of place and movement created by the rhythm, the pattern of daily life in East London.

Douglas Farthing’s Paintings are currently on exhibition in the windows of 20 Elm Hill (just opposite the gallery) please contact us for any further enquires.

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