Emilie Houssart

Emilie Houssart is a Dutch oil painter and printmaker. She grew up in Norwich, UK, gained a language degree at Durham University, and trained in portraiture at the Charles Cecil Studios in Florence on a teaching scholarship, graduating in 2006. Her work since then has included a series of landscape paintings in Norfolk, Italy and Texas, various portraits, a woodcarving and forays into printmaking.

Emilie Houssart is inspired by nature in all its enormity and strangeness; by the indignity of death; and the blurry line at the boundaries of humour. Her work is subtle and introspective and requires some time of the viewer. It reflects her great love of the 17th century Dutch Masters and their understanding of light. She is working towards a union of medium and surface which will allow each project to be made in the most appropriate way for its character, and holds among her heroes Rembrandt, Morandi and Mondrian.


Open Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm