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Small Paintings Group 20 Apr — 18 May / 10am - 5pm

Barbara Richardson Silver Ribbon


Join us for the opening

Sat 20 Apr 12pm – 3pm

Exhibition continues until 18 May 2024. Tues–Sat 10am–5pm

In 1989, during a discussion at the Chelsea Arts Club, a group of artists including Sandra Pepys, Peter Peterson, Dennis Gilbert, Cinzia Bonada, and others, noted their preference for creating small-scale paintings. They felt it would be beneficial to have a platform to exhibit such works. After discussing potential members, they established the Small Paintings Society, later renamed the Small Paintings Group.

They approached Duncan Miller, who then ran a gallery in Hampstead, proposing an exhibition exclusively for small paintings. The first exhibition took place at the Duncan Miller Gallery in December 1991, featuring around thirty painters, including Royal Academicians, as founding members. Membership is capped at 35 artists.

Paintings exhibited by the SPG are restricted to a size of 12″ by 12″. Although many members also work on larger scales, they appreciate the discipline and intimacy of creating small paintings. These works, referred to as ‘cabinet-sized,’ are showcased alongside similar pieces in various venues nationwide.

The compact size of these paintings makes them suitable for modern homes with limited space.

Since its inception, the Group has organised over fifty exhibitions across London, Southern and Southeast England, and Jersey. Galleries hosting these exhibitions include Piers Feetham Gallery, Russell Gallery, Edmund Gallery, Wimbledon Fine Art, Chappel Galleries, Jerram Gallery, Geedon Gallery, Century Fine Art, Highgate Contemporary Art, among others.

Exhibiting Artists:

Annie Boisseau

Francis Bowyer

Cinzia Bonada

Liz Butler

Joyce Cairns


John Crossley

Louise  Diggle

Judith Gardner

Charlotte Halliday

Ann Heat

Caroline McAdam Clark

John Paul

Melvyn Petterson

Christopher Miers

Salliann Putman

Bridget Moore

Barbara Richardson

Richard Sorrell

Linda Sutton

Jacqueline Taber

Nick Tidnam

Anne Wright