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Anthony George Solo Exhibition 08 Sep — 29 Sep / 10.00am - 5.00pm

Anthony George


Mandell’s Gallery is pleased to host a solo exhibition of works by Anthony George 8-29 September 2018.

Join us for the opening on Saturday 8 September 12pm-4pm

Anthony’s works are inspired by his manual work at the British Antarctic Survey. His preferred medium is silk screen printing. He works with the shapes and colours of the Antarctic’s natural and man-made environment -icebergs, sunlight, oil drums, freight containers. Cleverly using the paper combined with precisely placed brightly coloured shapes to represent a lone pole or setting sun. His works depict the surprisingly sensual delights of an alien-like environment.

The immediate impression of Anthony’s works is abstract forms. It is only on closer inspection that they become minimalist landscapes of the Antarctic, conveying the boundless, horizon-less, depthless space. He seeks to investigate questions of what is natural and what is human or naturally occurring and artificially produced Phenomena.

Anthony completed a BA at Norwich University of the Arts in 2014, he won the Norfolk Contemporary Arts Society Award and the Vernon Crowther Prize. He was also invited to join the Norwich 20 group.

Living in Norwich, much of his work is produced in his studio in the North of the city.

My experience in Antarctica changed the way I look at things, the way I felt the landscape about me. Screen printing has become my landscape. my storyboard, rendering those experiences into playful but utterly sincere visual interpretations. Anthony George